Bring all your conversations to Channel.
Whether it’s with your colleagues or customers, good communication leads to better business results. Bring all your conversations to Channel and see your business grow.
Team Chat
Internal communication tool for all businesses. Desktop and mobile apps offered.
User Chat
Customers can start talking to you with the click of a button, without leaving your website.
2% of your website visitors will convert. What about the remaining 98%?
The key is increasing the conversion rates, not the traffic volume. Businesses that use Channel show 10-20x higher conversion rates than before. See how Channel can help your business grow.
  1. 1
    Know Your Customer
  2. 2
    Sales Activity
  3. 3
    Answer Inquiries
What you really need to know is who’s looking at what for how long, not the total number of your website visitors. See who’s on your website and their individual behavior in real time.
Engage your online customers in a conversation based on information you gathered from the Real-time list. Recommend products or let them know about special deals and lead them to purchase.
Simply answering inquiries won't wow customers. We believe in taking a step further and providing excellent customer experience.
Half of customer inquiries are frequently-asked questions.
Use Channel Bot to automate responses for those questions and save time.
  1. Greeting
  2. Label Conversations
  3. Answer FAQs
Manage your customer information with Channel.
Every bit of customer information and interaction history is valuable asset to your business. These data will be collected on Channel and you can utilise them for your business. #data-driven #CRM #NeverMissSalesLeads
Visitor List
See who’s on your website in real-time. Anonymous customers with no ID can still be identified using their chat history and IP address.
CRM Integration
Integrate Channel with your existing CRM solution. Customers who are logged in to your website will be automatically distinguished, and you can check their member status and purchase history right within the conversation.
Compatible on All Devices
Optimised environment for communication
  1. Web/mobile
  2. Android, iOS SDK
  3. Customisble design
Development & Integration
Use Channel’s open API and integrate it with third-party apps like Slack.
 You can choose to receive notifications for new User Chats within Slack.