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Talk to your customers with Channel Push Bot See how your customers convert into sales
Automation and Targeting
Push Bot can send pop up message and images automatically based on target customers
A/B/C Test
Compare your options and find the best solution. Keep testing ideas that work
Powerful Analytics
Select a target event such as CTA, and measure which Push Bot made results
Does it convert into sales?
We’ve seen that a right message to a right target increases sales conversion by 300%, and sales by 19%
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Understand your customers
Profile Bot
It’s not only about chatting, it’s about generating leads. Obtain information about your customers - phone number, name, sex, size and more - within your service.
Customer Segment
Channel automatically identify your customer based on recency and frequency. See whether your customer is new, loyal, promising or about to leave.
One person can do a lot more with Channel’s powerful automation system
Follow-up service
Don’t worry when your customer has left your chat page - You can send them an SMS with a chat link so that the conversation can go on.
Support Bot
Repeated questions can be answered automatically. Users will receive well prepared responses while employees can focus on the questions that need them most.
Set response time
The customer wants to know if the response time is faster or longer. Try managing operation times by setting away options or response time based on your schedules.
Customize Channel to Fit Your Site
Welcome Message
You can customize the first message customers see, for each page of your site.
Messenger Theme Customization
Bring your brand’s unique style and character to the chat interface by choosing your own colors and images.
Open API/Webhook
Need more customization? Use Open API. You can also connect Channel with 3rd party applications such as Slack and Zapier.
Channel Admin Simplifies Communication
You can improve the quality of customer conversation when you communicate effectively within your team. Channel Desk application allows you to chat with team members as well as your customers. It’s as easy as that.
Download Applications
Use team chat for free to answer fast
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Group Conversation
Talk with your colleagues anytime, anywhere, even while answering customers’ queries.
Direct Messages
Directly share files and messages with your colleagues.
Conversation History
We always save your conversations, reach them whenever you need with a simple search.
Greet your customers fast and simple
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Customer Profile
You can browse customers’ names, phone numbers and the websites they are browsing.
Event Analytics
Check your customers’ profiles and browsing histories such as the number of site visits and the amount of time spent per visit before you answer them.
You can sort conversations with different tags.
Need to discuss with other team members to answer your customers? Bring them to your chat page and talk to them in Whisper.
Frequently Used Templates
Repeated questions can be answered automatically. Focus on the questions that need them most.
Is your customer talking in different language? Translate the message directly.
Push Notifications in Mobile
Continue your conversation away from your desk!
Browse customer information at a glance  
Real time messaging
Your customer is right in front of you! Check which page they are browsing and how long they stays to greet them in person.
CRM Integration
Integrate Channel with your existing CRM solution. Customers who are logged in to your website will be automatically distinguished, and you can check their member status and purchase history right within the conversation.
Visitor List
See who’s on your website in real-time. Anonymous customers with no ID can still be identified using their chat history and IP address.
Find out who is most responsive, what time of day you are inquiring at most, and your first response time.
Easy to customize everything
Every features such as profile settings, push configuration, automation and etc are well-organized.
Developer Documents & User Guides
Provides easy-to-use guides and developer documentation.