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Payment Methods

To subscribe to the paid plan of, you need to choose a payment method. You can conveniently renew your subscription by registering your credit card, and you can also use the service by depositing money into your account.

When subscribing to, you have three payment options to choose from: (1) payment through credit card, (2) payment through balance, or (3) payment through credit. The subscription fee and text messages will be deducted in the following order: credit → Balance → credit card.

Credit card

To pay for your subscription using a credit card, you can enter your card details on the registration screen for the first subscription. Make sure to provide a valid email address for payment notifications, as we will send you an email to confirm successful or unsuccessful payments.

  • uses Stripe as its payment processing platform.

  • If you use Shopify, all payments for can be made with the payment method registered on Shopify.

Change payment card

To change your payment card, follow these steps:

  1. Go to [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Payment] - [Add a payment method].

  2. To use the new card for future payments, select [Make default]. With the new card set as default, payments will be charged automatically from the next payment date.


Balances act like a bankbook where you can use the amount deposited through account transfer within

  • When it is difficult to pay by card, you can charge the deposit through account transfer and use it as a payment method.

  • Any excess payment above the available balance will be charged to the registered card.

  • In the event of a refund, a 10% refund fee will be applied, but if the balance has not been utilized, no fee will be charged.


A credit is a coupon that can be charged with credit that can be used like cash within

  • To add a credit, go to [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Payment] - [Credit].

  • The usage fee deducted from the credit does not include tax (10%).

  • Example) If you have 35 USD in your Balance and 35 USD on your registered card, and need to pay 70 USD, the system deducts 35 USD from your Balance and charges the remaining 35 USD to your card. The total amount paid is 38.5 USD(Taxes only apply to card payments).


You can check it in the Receipts tab of [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Payment] - [Receipts], and you can select it from the list of receipts and print it right away.


I am using Shopify, but I cannot change my payment card.

When linking Shopify with, payment is made using the payment method registered directly with Shopify.

If you need to change the payment method, delete the existing payment method in Shopify's [Settings] - [Billing] and then go to [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Payment] then register your payment information. Afterwards, you must press the [Confirm] button in the Subscription approval required pop-up on the screen to complete the change.