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SMS Recharge and Transmission History

n order to utilize text messages for follow-up notifications and marketing messages, you'll need to charge your account for text message usage. To avoid any interruptions in service, we suggest turning on auto-recharge based on your usage. This will help ensure that your account remains current and you are able to send and receive text messages seamlessly.

Charge methods

We offer different methods to make charging your account easy and convenient:

  • Pre-charge for texts: Pay for bulk text messages in advance to avoid the hassle of paying for each individual message.

  • Minimum Amount setting: Automatically recharge your account when the remaining balance falls below a certain amount.

  • Recharge amount setting: Set the amount that will be automatically recharged to your account.

With these options, you can ensure that your account is always ready for use without any interruptions.


For unlimited text messaging, please refer to Twilio Integration and proceed with Brand registration.

Without Twilio integration, you are able to use a limited amount of SMS messages, particularly to North American customers. SMS Price through is as follows:

  • USA: 0.0079 USD per message up to 140 bytes (approximately 70 characters in Korean or Japanese, and around 160 characters in English).

  • Other countries: The cost varies by country and service provider. For detailed information on the cost of sending a text message to different countries, please click here.

Please be informed that the final price may vary depending on the destination country and the service provider used. If your channel is integrated with Twilio, your SMS usage will be directly charged to your Twilio account.

When you start a 14-day free trial, you will receive 1 USD points to test out SMS.

How to recharge

To recharge your account, first ensure that you have registered a payment card. If you have not yet done so, please read the user guide to register your payment card.

  • Once you have registered your payment card, go to [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Recharge SMS].

  • Set your desired minimum and charge amounts and save your changes by clicking [Save Changes].

    • You can directly enter the desired recharge amount.

    • For auto-recharge, the minimum amount you can set is 10 USD and the minimum recharge amount is 50 USD. These settings will help ensure that your account remains current and ready for use at all times.

Transmission history

To view the transmission history, go to [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Post log].

  1. You can filter the history by date to check the details of transmissions sent by month.

  2. You can also filter the history by message type, including all transmissions sent to Channel Talk for the month, marketing campaigns, or one-time events.

  3. The transmission history can be sorted by sending amount to display the total transfer amount and sending amount by medium that meet the filtering conditions.

  4. Finally, clicking on a specific date will allow you to view the transmission history for that date in detail.


What happens if I disable the SMS auto-recharge feature?

If you turn off the SMS auto-recharge feature, text messages won't be sent successfully and won't be resent. However, if you have a balance on your SMS wallet, you can still send text messages.