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Refund Policy

Kindly review's refund policy carefully. If you wish to obtain a full refund for any unused services, please reach out to the channel team within 7 days of purchase. Partial refunds will be issued as a deposit towards the remaining days.

Full refund

We want to ensure that you understand our policy regarding refunds. If you haven't used our services and would like a full refund within 7 days of subscribing to a paid plan, please contact the channel team directly.

To be eligible for a full refund, you must meet the following criteria:

  • For the Service plan: No user chat or customer data collection occurred.

  • For the Support bot add-on: You have not used the support bot at all.

  • For the Operation add-on: No automation rules were used and no statistics were queried.

  • For the Marketing add-on: The campaign function was not used, except for a one-time message.

Please note that if you have used the Service plan but not the additional services, a full refund is not possible. In such cases, a partial refund will be offered.

Partial refund

If you have used a portion of your subscription and would like a refund for the remaining period, we offer partial refunds. Please note that partial refunds are only available for the entire purchased subscription and cannot be applied to specific features.

To request a partial refund, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to [Channel Settings] and select [Billing].

  2. Choose the [Subscription] option.

  3. Change your plan to reflect the partial refund.

Refund process

  • When you request a refund, we will calculate the refund amount based on the portion of your subscription that has been used up until the date of the refund request. The unused portion will be refunded as a balance. Please note that we do not support partial cancellations of the original payment method.

  • If you have received a discount through a coupon or annual payment, the discounted portion will be refunded with a deduction as a penalty. To learn more about the penalty, please refer to the user guide.

  • You can withdraw the refunded amount(balance) at any time. To request a deposit refund, please contact our team directly.