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Subscribe to Our Paid Plans

Choose a subscription plan that suits the size of your business, with a reasonable subscription fee.

If you subscribe to a plan with fewer monthly active users (MAUs) than your current usage, certain paid features will be restricted immediately. However, your existing paid subscription will not automatically convert to a free plan. You will need to manually change your subscription to a free plan.

How to subscribe to a paid plan

If you want to subscribe to a paid plan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to [Channel settings] - [Billing] - [Subscription] - [Change subscription].

  2. Choose the billing cycle (annual or monthly), select the plan and any additional services you'd like, and click [Change subscription] to finalize your subscription.

Subscription settings

Billing Cycles

  • When subscribing, you can choose to pay either monthly or annually.

  • If you choose to pay monthly, your payments will automatically be processed on the same date each month.

  • If you select an annual plan, you can benefit from an additional 2 months of service at no extra cost compared to the monthly pricing. Additionally, annual payments will streamline the payment process for you, as you'll only need to make a single payment per year.

Billing date

  • The subscription renewal payment date is automatically set to the first payment date.

  • You can select a payment date between the 1st and 27th of the month or choose the end of the month if you prefer to pay after the 27th.

  • If the first payment is made between the 28th and 31st of the month, the subscription date will be fixed to the last day of each month.

    • For example, if the initial payment for the X Small plan was on 7/29,

      the subscription period will be from 7/29 to 8/30. You will be charged a daily rate for 33 days, which amounts to 39.6 USD (excluding VAT). The calculation is (36 USD/30)*33 = 39.6 USD.

      From the subsequent payment date of 8/31, a standard monthly subscription (8/31 to 9/30) will be created. You will be charged a monthly subscription fee of 36 USD for each full month of subscription.

Change billing date

  • To change your subscription's billing date, go to [Channel settings] - [Billing] - [Subscription] - [Auto payment date].

  • You can choose any date for your subscription renewal billing.

  • After changing the billing date, the subscription renewal timing will be the same as the original payment date.

  • The subscription period will reflect the time until the new payment date.

    • For example, suppose you change the payment date from October 16th to the 26th on October 20th. In that case, the next payment date will be November 16th. You will be charged for the period up to December 25th (a total of 40 days) at that time. Subsequently, a regular subscription from December 26th to January 25th will be created on December 26th.

Disable auto payments

  • To disable auto payments, go to [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Subscription] - Click [Auto payment date] and toggle off the auto payment button.

  • When you turn off the auto payment button during a subscription period, the subscription will be downgraded to a free plan on the next subscription date after the current subscription period ends.

Register email for payment notifications

To receive payment notifications via email, be sure to register your email address for payment.

  • Go to [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Payment], enter your email address under the "Billing email" section, and click "Save" to update your settings.

  • If you don't register an email for payment, you won't receive email notifications about successful or failed payments.

Apply discount coupon

A discount coupon provides a discount on your subscription fee, subject to the conditions specified by the coupon.

  • To apply a discount coupon, go to [Channel Settings] - [Billing] - [Subscription] - [Discount Coupons] - [Add new coupon]

  • The coupon's validity period begins from the registration date, and the discount will be applied to all payments made during that period. Expired coupons cannot be used again.

  • If there are multiple coupons, there is no overlapping discount, and the coupon with the highest discount rate is applied first.

Payment through Shopify

If you link your Shopify website with, all payments made through will be processed using the payment method you have registered on Shopify.

Register payment method

  1. When subscribing to a paid plan or registering a payment method on, a message will appear indicating that your Shopify account is linked. Click on the "Register payment method" button to be redirected to your linked Shopify store.

  2. Add the payment method you want to use on the Shopify screen.

  3. Click the "Approve" button at the top right of the screen.

  4. Finally, press the purple "Confirm" button on the screen.

Edit payment limit

  • To edit your payment limit in, go to [Channel settings] - [Billing] - [Payment] and click on the registered card to change the limit amount.

  • The limit amount includes all costs, such as subscriptions, additional services, and text messages billed in You can manually enter the limit amount that is not listed.


What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan while using a discount coupon?

  • Upgrade: The discount rate will be applied up to the maximum available plan.

  • Downgrade: If you switch to a plan lower than the minimum required plan, you may be charged a penalty as the contract is considered terminated.

What if my Monthly Active Users (MAU) exceed the subscription plan during my subscription period?

Your access to paid features will be immediately restricted. Even if the functionality is limited, your subscription plan will not automatically change to the free plan, and billing will continue as before. If you do not want to be charged, please switch to the free plan manually.