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Plug-in Installation can be easily and quickly installed on any website by adding a script to the site. This includes custom websites and websites created using web builders.

Custom websites

You can install by simply inserting an installation script on your website.

The installation script can be found in [Channel Settings] - [General] - [Manage plug-in] - [Install plug-in for web] - [JavaScript].

If you insert the script with user integration, you can import and use member information in

For detailed installation instructions, please check the developer guide (Developer guide)

Websites built by web builders

If your website was created by a web builder, you can install more easily.

If your web builder is not our official partner, you can install the plug-in by using the same installation script as the custom websites.

Installation guide for web builders

Each builder has a different range of providing customer data. Please check the guide of the respective web builder you are currently using.

Mobile app

You can also install in both hybrid and native apps.

For detailed installation instructions, please refer to the developer guide.

Mobile SDK is available for paid plan users only.

Use without installation

Even if you don't have a homepage, you can still communicate with your customers anytime using the Plug-in link.

You can copy the plug-in link to start the chat instantly through [Channel Settings] - [General] - [Channel Profile] - [Contacts and Location] - [Plug-in link] - [Copy link]

When you share the plug-in link with your customers, they will see a window where they can start the conversation. By clicking the "Start a new chat" button, they will be connected to you.