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The Operation add-on streamlines processes by automating repetitive tasks and offers valuable insights for business growth through chat analysis.


  • Chat Auto-assignment

    If you are unsure about who should be invited to the chat, you can assign the team first. Then the system will auto-assign the most appropriate person from the assigned team to handle the chat.

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  • Chat Automation Rules

    Chat automation rules are a basic and powerful feature of Channel Talk that can process chats automatically based on the rules you set. A few simple clicks significantly reduce the time you answering repetitive inquiries.

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  • Chat Goals

    By setting a chat goal, you can track progress and evaluate whether the assignee has successfully achieved the established goal.

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  • Chat Tags

    Effectively managing chats requires proper categorization, and one way to achieve this is through the use of chat tagging. Channel Talk's powerful chat tagging feature allows for efficient management and analysis of chats, providing valuable insights for business growth.

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  • Analytics

    Maximize chat operation efficiency by utilizing Channel Talk's chat analytics to identify areas for improvement and optimize performance.

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  • Chat Data Download

    Obtain chat data through Analytics and customize the view with the provided raw data, which includes chat history and customer information.

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