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Outbound Support Bot

Utilize the outbound support bot feature to send automated marketing messages. Engage with customers at key moments of purchasing intent or consultation needs to generate valuable leads.

You need to subscribe to the Support bot and Marketing add-ons to use this feature.

You can obtain customer information with a simple question through the support bot form without a membership sign-up process.

For those who sell high-involvement products, this is a great opportunity to increase your conversion rate by approaching your customers first while they’re browsing your website!

Create an outbound support bot

Connect in marketing settings

  1. Select a marketing one-time message or a campaign transmission method according to the situation.

  2. Click [Send a Support Bot] - Load the saved Support Bot.

    • Bubble: The first message of the support bot is shown in a bubble.

    • Support Bot: Full-screen exposure of Support Bot.

  3. Publish the campaign message after setting the target audience and marketing operating conditions.

Connect in support bot settings

  1. Select either [Connect to one-time message] or [Connect to campaign] in Step 5 of the Supportbot setting screen.

  2. When you click [Create One-Time Message], you will be directed to the one-time message screen, then complete the settings.

  3. When you click [Create Campaign], you will be directed to the campaign message screen, and complete the settings.


When I publish a new marketing campaign, do customers get two identical messages even though they already received the previous one that hasn’t been viewed?

If you create a new campaign for the same target audience or marketing conditions, customers who received the message through the existing campaign can receive it again. If you want to avoid this, there is a way to republish an existing campaign without creating a new one.

Alternatively, we recommend that you edit the content of the newly created campaign so that you do not receive the same message again.

I’ve set the campaign to send a support bot, but the support bot does not appear on some pages.

If there is a support bot with the same [target audience] or [page target] as the marketing campaign, the support bot will be automatically linked to a marketing campaign.

If the marketing campaign set up to connect a support bot does not match the target conditions with the selected 'support bot', it will not appear.