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What is Channel.io Team chat?

Channel.io allows for seamless and simultaneous communication between team members and customers through its Team chat feature, enabling efficient and effective collaboration and customer service.

Why should I use Team chat?

Your customers are only one message away from your entire team

With channel.io you can keep your team and customers in the same place. The ability to have one platform that combines these two features you can increase efficiency and make your company management easy!

Unlimited Members

You can have as many members on your channel as you want. Talk as much as you want with your team.

Flexible team management

Sick of making new chatrooms for new members? Tired of having to convert everything to new chats? With channel.io channels can be simply joined or left with just a click of a button. Chat history is accessible to all, and automatic deletion once the member leaves the channel.

Unlimited file sharing, no worries about file expiration

Team chat saves every message, file, and link. You can find the shared files in any chat at anytime with a simple click on the dashboard, all you need to do is search and filter to find the files you are looking for.

Side view, your multitasking tool

With our built-in side view, you can easily look at the progress of work, user chats, threads, and even multiple conversations right on your dashboard. No need to switch between multiple tabs.

Keep all your conversation specific contents in one spot with threads

Want to be notified on task specific conversations? Use threads. Use mentions or manually jump into a thread yourself! You can participate through actively talking or even just leaving a simple reaction.

Topic based discussions and private groups

Want a team based group? create a group chat within the channel. Create public groups organized by topic, members, or project. Is it on a need to know basis? Make the public group a private group. Just invite the members who need to know. Also, don’t forget, it's unlimited.