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More sales conversations, more sales opportunities
6 times increase in customer conversations than phone call, email or Kakaotalk.
Customers receive service within the website without being redirected to another chat page.
After Nudging website customers with Channel hospital visits increased by 10%
Target conversion rate increased by 60-80% after Push Bot promoted e-learning lectures
Business communication time decreased by 80%. Tasks that took 5 days are now reduced to just one day!
Use Push Bot to nudge customers and start the conversation
Channel Push Bot shows automated messages to target customers at the best time.
Welcome new customers and show appreciation to returning customers.
Assist customers who need help and start conversation!
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Acquire customer information with Profile Bot
Request customer information before starting conversation.
Understand your customer and increase conversation quality.
Utilize customer information by recognizing returning customers.
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Continue sales based on your customer knowledge after the initial conversation
Chat is easier and more streamlined than phone call or emails.
Utilize customer information and conversation history in sales and marketing.
Continue sales activity based on the information you obtained from customers.
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