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Manage CS efficiently to save cost
Double your efficiency by using Channel’s chatbot, template and teamwork features.
CS through chats can save more time than phone calls, emails and boards.
Channel offers various features to save your CS time, such as automated responses and shortcuts to premade answers
Offer your VIPs the best service experience, based on customer information records in Channel
One manager can effectively handle 300 customers a day. Using Channel’s customer information, both efficiency and customer satisfaction increased
The customer service team increased efficiency by prioritizing online customers.
When a certain dress was out of stock, the cs team browsed the Channel conversation history and paid attention to each customer’s needs. One customer was so impressed with this service that she sent a small gift to the cs team.
Use Templates to answer repeat questions automatically
Save templates to answer frequently asked questions quickly and conveniently.
Build Actionable Chat bot to guide customers to find their own answers to their questions.
Chat bots can automatically answer to pre-registered questions and answers.
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Utilized customer information and conversation history
Consult customer information and conversation history when talking with your customers.
Tag important remarks and Invite coworkers who previously consulted with the customer.
Channel supports data downloads through Excel and API.
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Understand and improve your CS status
Use Channel’s analytical services to understand customer satisfaction with CS.
Manage important CS measures such as customer satisfaction, number of chats per hour or response times.
Improve your CS quality by improving CS measures.
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