Sales: Internship Opportunities

Sales is a fundamental skill in business, no matter what your role is. If you’re looking to get skill sets for your career and expand your network in the SaaS startup scene, Channel Talk is the place for you!

Channel Talk is an all-in-one AI-driven customer service platform that helps businesses prioritize increasing LTV through VIP concierge experience. There hasn’t been any innovation in the CS/CX industry for the past 20 years and businesses generally have a low emphasis on customer experience, which means the expectations towards CS agents and representatives are also low. Talking to your customers and having an in-depth understanding of their needs are crucial to the success of businesses, and trust us. This will bring more revenue that actually stays with businesses, not just a one-time cash in.

We’re from Korea and Japan, the 2 countries most well-known for having high bars set for customer service. With knowledge and years of experience working with SMB to Enterprise businesses, we’re here to change the culture of Customer Service in the U.S!

We’re in Series C and are one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS startups in Asia. We’ve continuously made more than 2x growth and had a 98%+ retention rate for the past 5 years and have 180 employees, and 140,000 global customers, such as New Balance, Salomon, Arc’teryx, and BEAMS. We opened a NYC office this summer in Soho and are looking for someone adventurous, passionate, and ambitious soon-to-be professionals who want to learn and start ahead in their career in B2B SaaS startups.

What You'll Do

  • Identify and research lists of companies and contacts and their personas
  • A/B test on outreach tactics
  • Generate and nurture high-quality leads and opportunities
  • Participate in high-level conversations with executives and managers about their business issue
  • Collaborate with colleagues and leaders in Korea and Japan
  • Strategize with BDRs and account executives, and directly communicate and work with the founder of Channel Talk to win as a team
  • Who You Are

  • Bachelor's Degree with strong academic performance (or graduating in 2024)
  • A strong desire to develop the skills needed to enhance the next step in your Sales career
  • Want to wear different hats to expand your perspectives
  • Self-motivated with the desire to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • An enthusiast in B2B SaaS or fashion/beauty eCommerce
  • Curiosity, customer, data-driven
  • Desire to hustle and prove oneself
  • ​​Positive "can-do" attitude
  • Salary range

  • Base Salary $40,000.00 -  $50,000.00
  • Perks & Benefits

  • 15-day PTO (if you need more, we give you more)
  • Flexible work hours (If you work late, get some sleep and start the next day late.)
  • $200 Transportation allowance (aside from out-on-business expenses)
  • 100% paid employee health benefit
  • Latest MacBook Pro or equivalent
  • Location

  • Soho, New York, United States
  • What to Expect

  • 1. Recruiter Screen: Let’s get to know each other!
  • 2. Assignment: Write an outreach Linkedin message
  • 3. Peer/CEO Interview: Meet your peer/CEO and understand how we work!
  • 4. CEO/Founder Interview: Meet the founders and understand why’s and how’s of Channel Talk
  • There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ candidate. We may still consider candidates that demonstrate potential to grow. We respect, promote and encourage diversity for equal employment opportunities, and encourage you to apply if this role excites you.