Voice Calls with Channel.io


Anywhere Anytime

A mobile app for a complete call experience in the palm of your hands.


The First of It’s Kind

Record consultations through automated call transcriptions.

The First of 
It’s Kind

Keep Your Number

Receive a designated number and link it to the one you already have.

Keep Your Number

For Teams of All Sizes

Everything you need to start the conversation.

Voice Calls From Virtually Anywhere

You can now make calls through the mobile app. Download Channel.io and experience it for yourself.

Voice Calls From Virtually Anywhere

Automatic Call Assignment

Handle high-volume calls with ease, by automatically assigning them to available team members.

Automatic Call Assignment

Above and Beyond the 1-on-1

If you need help, add up to 10 members to join the conversation.

Above and Beyond the 1-on-1

Above and Beyond the 1-on-1

If you need help, add up to 10 members to join the conversation.

Above and Beyond the 1-on-1

Innovating Voice Calls End to End

From a single line of code to the base technology. Built from the ground up by Channel.io

A Faithful Reinterpretation of PBX

CTI solutions that integrate calls into computers require a network connection and a 'switch function' to distribute calls to the right agent. These essential features are called PBXs. The problem is that almost all PBX codes for CTI in Korea/Japan, are currently based on open source Asterisk, which was created in 1999 based on C language, and there have been no fundamental improvements in code units over the past 20 years. Because of this, a VPN needed to be used for existing CTI, making it difficult to use on mobile devices. With the legacy system removed, Channel.io’s Voice Call has a redesigned PBX code, more suitable for the 21st century, and is optimized for the latest in technology (such as WebRTC and AISTT). The structural improvement makes it faster and easier to connect to communication networks without a VPN.


From video calls to ARS, the future looks bright.

Support bot & ARS combination

  • ARS system designed through the support bot.

  • Quick and easy set up process.

Team chat to conference calls

  • Conference calls available directly on team chat.

  • Efficient communication for faster problem resolution.

Designated numbers

  • Numbers without the need for external phone carriers.

  • Unique numbers designated by Channel.io.

Simplified number distribution

  • Individual number distribution for all managers.

  • Admin access to all past call conversations.

Video calls

  • Available for teams/customers directly on web/app.

  • Feature support available on SDK.

Global launch

  • Coming soon to the US.

  • Global phone numbers to become available soon.

Do you have a call transfer feature?
Rather than a transfer method, all calls function as a conference call where other managers are able to join. Communication between managers is also possible through internal conversation during the call, and you can invite multiple managers to join a single call.
Do you have an ARS(IVR) feature?
It is planned to launch next year, and we will be designing it so you can easily create, modify, and manage different scenarios using the support bot function.
Which phone carriers will be used?
SKB, KT, and LG U+ carriers are available.
Can I continue to use the number I already have?
Channel.io will issue a 070 number. Of course, you’ll be able to use the existing customer center number by changing the outbound calling number. Please check the guide for how to use your existing number.
Will we be able to check the statistics on phone calls?
Basic call statistics are provided, such as general calls, but telephone-only statistics are not supported. Telephone statistics will be provided sometime in 2023.
Can I use one number for multiple channels?
Each channel has to be treated as a separate entity, so even if the business number is the same, you have to issue a designated 070 number for each channel and use them independently.
Still have questions? Find answers in our User Guide or contact us via chat

The voice call feature will be available soon.