Don't hesitate to try out and find the right plan for you.
10% off for annual subscription
Don't miss out on exclusive additional services only for the paid plan
Answer redundant questions with the Chatbot
Manage chats and issues with Chat Reports
Depending on the paid plan
Send group messages to your target customers
Design an automated campaign
Depending on the paid plan
White Label
Hide link at the bottom of emails and messenger
Depending on the paid plan
Tax(10%) not included
Follow-up Messages
Don't panic even if your customers leave the chat.
Follow-up messages will be sent via SMS, and email to bring them back!
This feature is part of the messenger. You can disable it on Settings anytime. It will be automatically paid per use and charged as your credits are exhausted.
Free $0.5 credit is provided to every paid plan (including trial) users daily.
It's usually enough to send 5~50 text messages.
Push Message Credits
You need to charge credits for Push Messages in advance and recharge when needed.
We strive to offer the best value!
Korean SMS
Japanese SMS
$0.08 / $0.16
International SMS prices vary based on bytes. If it contains more than 140 bytes(about 160 alphanumeric letters), cost may differ.
Text messages to overseas : cost may vary by country or vendor
FAQ provides free live chat and team chat. Unlike the paid plan. There is no MAU limit. Use it completely free to communicate through chats! provides messenger integration for free. You can manage chats from diverse platforms at once.
MAU (Monthly Active Users) means the number of users, whose information has been updated for the past 31 days. To be more precise, it's a combination of the number of unique visitors, updated users and uploaded contacts. You don't have to worry if you don't know how much your MAU is. We provide your estimated MAU after the trial. If you have it installed, you can check your Google Analytics dashboard for your reference. MAU calculations may vary by service.
Payment will be made on the date of your subscription. Payment method should be registered before subscribing. If you change the plan during your paid subscription, payment amount will be automatically converted and there will be no change of payment date.
During the 14-day trial, you can try all features including add-ons and paid plan. After the free trial, Free Plan starts automatically. There will be no charges during your 14-day trial even though you change the plan into Paid Plan.
Push messages includes 2 types of messages, which is Follow-up messages and Marketing messages. Follow-up message delivers the answer via SMS and emal to the customer who left the website before thay received any replies. Marketing messages are advertising messages, sent through Marketing features such as One-time Messages and Campaign. Every push message sent via SMS contains a link to the chat.
It's an annual membership providing 10% off. Since Annual Subscription is considered as a single product, changing plan after the contract is limited and refund may cause cancellation fee. Make sure you consider this before purchase. For more information, please contact business team.
Refund amount would be the difference between paid amount and used amount. For annual subscription, cancellation fee will be charged according to the original price before discount.
Feature comparison by plans
Want to compare Free and Paid Plans? Check this out.
Basic plan features
Free plan
Paid plan
No extra charge for team members
Live chat messenger
No extra charge for chats and team members
30 days
Text, Alimtalk, Email
Follow-up message
Follow-up message + Marketing
User Data Download / Upload
Mobile SDK
Add-ons for Paid Plan
Channel offers grand discount for nonprofit organizations, open-source, or public projects.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.