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Up to 1 teammate

per month
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If you have more than 10 teammates, $6 will be charged per additional person.

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For 100+ teammates, please contact us.
• Tax(10%) not included • SMS service charges not included. • If payment has not processed successfully, features including viewing all messages, CRM, Real-time list are limited.
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Over 2,000 websites chose to adopt Channel within its first year of service. Compare Channel with other services.
Best live chat services at a low cost
We focused on providing Channel at a cost that doesn’t break your bank. Our competitor, Intercom, charges on the number of website visitors, which means the cost can quickly accumulate regardless of service efficiency and effectiveness. Channel is designed to be affordable because we only account for the number of team members. 50,000 visitors, 500,000 visitors, the cost stays the same.
*This is our cost comparison for when 50K visitors come to your website.
Do you know your customer?
Channel gives you a detailed information of all your website visitors. On top of customer name, phone number, page history, you can integrate Channel with your existing customer database for purchase history or membership information. Knowing your customers can lead to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
Need someone tech-savvy ?
Installing Channel is easy. Jumpstart live chat on your website under 3 minutes. Customize your Channel and show your personality off to your customers. You don’t need any extra training to start using Channel.