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100 visitors per day Messenger Pro + Push bot + Support bot + Follow-up Notifications are all free
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Various plans are available. Reasonable billing for daily usage.
Standard plan includes essential chat features and Pro plan includes highly scalable features such as integration, statistics and API supports.
Team Chat
User Chat
Set welcome & away options
Follow-up service
Third-party Integration
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Open API, Webhook
Additional services
Push Bot
Marketing feature that automatically sends messages to customers at perfect time.
  • Expose customized push bot whenever and wherever you want
  • Create a banner easily without a designer
Support Bot
Answer frequently asked questions on a case-by-case basis before you respond
  • Support bots helps to respond frequently asked questions at front.
  • Most initial responses can be automated, and it helps to reduce cost of response.
Follow-up service
Help to continue a conversation by sending a text message when the customer leaves.
This feature automatically get enabled when you use paid plan for messenger. You can always disable the feature.
• The above is an estimate and the actual amount is based on usage. • Measure the number of daily visitors (UV) and calculate the amount according to the interval table. You can see the estimated number of visitors after installation. • Usage fee is charged at the beginning of the month every month by adding up daily usage and tax (10%) is excluded. • Follow-up notification costs are charged based on usage per incident. • For 3rd party messenger integration, you will be charged per case, but will be provided free for a limited time. • The above is not the amount applied to the discount coupon. Discount coupons are automatically applied at the highest discount rate.
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