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Lead your website visitors to start conversation with Push Bot (marketing service).
Obtain customer profile with Profile bot.
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After Nudging website customers with Channel hospital visits increased by 10%
Target conversion rate increased by 60-80% after Push Bot promoted e-learning lectures
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Increase conversions with the chat bot message
Send customized messages automatically on best moment, to right target.
Grab customers’ attention and increase dwell time to make site conversions.
Measure, compare and improve marketing results.
Acquired $14k in sales with an initial sales coupon of a $240 value, by Nudging targeted sale coupons to different customers
Customers exposed to Push Bot messages tend to convert at a 60% higher rate than those not exposed
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Lower your CS cost while maintaining customer satisfaction
Automated reply on repeat questions with FAQ bot and Answer Templates.
Contextual communication based on conversation history.
Customer service dashboard for understanding and improving the cs flow.
One manager can effectively handle 300 customers a day. Using Channel’s customer information, both efficiency and customer satisfaction increased
The customer service team increased efficiency by prioritizing online customers.