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Talk to your customer first and increase your conversion.

99% visitors leave your site without making any purchases. Try sending an automated message to target audience. A case study showed that the conversion rate and revenue increased 3 times and 19% respectively.

Over 7,000 companies have chosen Channel for their customer services.

We've been offering personalized product recommendation via Channel and we’ve seen some impressive increase in customer lifetime value.
We’ve been talking to customers first using Channel, and the conversion rate is 6x higher compared to customers who don’t chat with us while shopping.
Customers who chat while shopping show up to 10x greater conversion rates. Some customers even compliment us for excellent customer experience.
Why Channel?

Increase your conversion rate

Reach the customers who are viewing your website and offer them a personalized shopping experience. Customers who receive employee guidance feel more confident in making purchases, resulting in 10~20% higher conversion rate.
Satisfy more customers with less employees
For handling multiple customer inquiries while decreasing employee stress, online chatting is a much more powerful tool than a phone call. You can also use automated messages to respond to frequent inquiries to decrease your response time.
Better understand your customers
You can create a unique experience for every visitor on your website, by clearly understanding who you are talking to. Integrate your CRM database with Channel. Browse trends in the number of customer site visits, and the amount of time they spend per visit.
Compare the differences with competitors.
Reasonable price
Integrate customer profiles and tracking events
Easy to use
Reasonable pricing plan
Prices shown are per 30 days.

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Channel Desk Simplifies Communication

You can improve the quality of customer conversation when you communicate effectively within your team. Channel Desk application allows you to chat with team members as well as your customers. It’s as easy as that.
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