Documents Your Knowledge Base in One Place

Create user guides to developer documentation to blogs, all with Channel Talk. Efficiently manage all customer support resources to power your AI knowledge base and build the ultimate help center.


Easy Management

Simple Document Management Integrated with Just One Click

Say goodbye to switching between platforms. Everything you need is all in Channel Talk.


Easily Transfer External Documents

Simply copy and paste your Markdown-formatted documents.

Stay Organized

Organize your articles with version history, categories, and topics.

Manage Your Document Site

Create your Document site with a single click and easily modify it at any time.

Improve Chat Efficiency

The More Documentation, The Better the Chats

With Channel Talk, live chat and documentation management is all in one place.

RAG Release in July

ALF Becomes Even Smarter with Documents

AI agent, ALF, finds information related to customer inquiries within Documents and generates suitable responses.


Share Documents with a Link

Copy the link in Documents to quickly deliver the information your customers need.


New Features Added Constantly

Display frequently viewed articles and pull related documents all in Channel Talk’s home.


Multi-Language Support

Help Customers Across the Globe

Create documents for customers all over the world with 33 languages supported.


Enjoy all of this at no extra cost!

The paid plan offers unlimited access to all document features. The free plan will allow unlimited document creation.


Fully Customizable to Your Needs

Coming soon

Choose Your Layout

Customize website layout for categories, blogs, and timelines.


Keep Your Existing URLs

Use your existing URLs with custom domain and redirection management features.


Easy SEO management

Easily set OG tags. We also plan to support for technical SEO features like sitemaps and HTTPS.


Design Your Own Document Site

Customize your Document site's theme colors, welcome messages, and more to match your brand.


Coming soon

Advanced Options With Open API

Use the API to change your website's design or analyze customer-related data.


Coming Soon

Our upcoming features:

Pull Documents During Chats

Search and use relevant documents during chats. Attach relevant web pages directly to messages.

Display Documents in Home

Feature relevant articles in your chat interface, Home, to reduce the volume of queries in advance.

Add Blog and Timeline Views

Utilize a new view to manage blogs, update notes, and more.

Integrate with FAQs

Incorporate FAQs related to each document.

Compile FAQs on a single page for easy sharing with customers.

Plus Many More!

Build Your Ultimate Knowledge Base

Access to all features with a paid plan

Create unlimited articles, even with a free plan

No additional setup required