No Matter How You Say It,

ALF Understands


No Matter How You Say It,




Channel Talk’s AI agent, ALF, takes care of customer inquiries for you. ALF understands the context of the conversation and provides the right response, all without the need to connect to an agent.

Just Like That

How ALF Helps Customers


Talks to Customers Like a Person

Customers don’t always speak perfectly. But ALF understands and can reply just like a human agent.


Knows When to Pass Questions to You

ALF can identify inquiries that are better suited for an agent to handle.


Recommends Commands

ALF recognizes intent and recommends Commands customers can use.


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Pulls the Answer From Your Articles

ALF can search your knowledge base articles and reply with the exact information your customer needs.


Connect to an Agent Right Away

Messages from VIPs and upset customers are immediately rerouted to an agent.

Rest Assured

ALF Answers with Care


Set a Persona

Give ALF a personality. Set a persona and tone to communicate with your customers in a way that best match your brand image.


Fact Check

ALF conducts a fact check before it answers to avoid mistakes and offer the best response to your customers.

Coming Soon

ALF is Just Getting Started Here’s What’s Next


Beyond Chat Now with Voice

Your customers can call with ALF. Most AI just converts speech to text and then back which is slow and unnatural.

But ALF understands your customer’s voice and responds with voice. Customers will feel like they’re talking to a real human.


Right Time Right Customer

Workflow and ALF together creates the most efficient conversation experience.  Design a flow to intervene based on the customer rating and type of conversation. 

ALF can be customized at any workflow step to select the appropriate knowledge base and persona, ensuring customers receive relevant answers.

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