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Streamline customer interactions across multiple platforms by integrating external services with Channel Talk.


  • Mail

    Streamline customer support by connecting your email inbox to Channel Talk, allowing you to manage inquiries in a single platform. And to provide a personalized experience, you change the sender's email address through email DNS settings.

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  • Instagram

    Link your Instagram to handle direct messages from customers and promote your brand with new Instagram posts through Channel Talk.

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  • Twilio Integration

    Twilio integration allows you to send unlimited text messages to global customers, and to use your own phone numbers or those purchased from Twilio.

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  • Slack Integration

    By integrating Slack with Channel Talk, you will get receive notifications whenever there’s a new user chat.

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  • External Customer Database

    Integrate a Customer Link to access more customer information during a chat. You can quickly find customer information in the External Customer Database.

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