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Slack Integration

By integrating Slack with, you will get receive notifications whenever there’s a new user chat.

How to integrate Slack

  1. Go to [Channel Settings] - [Integration] - [Other Apps] - [Slack box] and click [Install].

  2. After clicking [Install], a new window should appear. Select Slack workspace & Slack channel to send the notification.

Test the integration

  • Go back to the Installation button at [Channel Settings] - [Integrate] - [Other Apps] and check that the installation is complete.

  • To test the integration, check that the message below appears on your Slack channel.

  • When you click on the username of the user chat, it will take you to the user chat screen.


Do I get a notification every time a customer sends a message?

No. You will only receive notifications for new user chats. You can check ongoing user chats on the admin page.

Will I receive any notifications if I disable the integration with

No. Slack will not update you with any notifications upon disabling the integration with

A customer started a new chat, but it isn’t appearing on Slack.

This happens when a customer sends an image. Images will not trigger any notifications. You can check images on the admin page.

Are there any functions available other than notifications?

For Slack integrations, notifications are sent only when the user chat is first created. However, you can customize these notifications through Webhook and Open API. Refer to the developer guide links below for details.

If you are having difficulties with the guide, feel free to contact and we will be happy to walk you through it.