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Initiate communication with your customers through the powerful and user-friendly marketing feature of Channel Talk.


  • What is Marketing?

    Marketing is the art of initiating a conversation with the customer. Utilize the powerful marketing feature of Channel Talk that supports CRM marketing utilizing customer data.

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  • One Time Message

    Efficiently send targeted messages to specific customers with one-time messaging feature. It can be used to convey event-related information such as announcements, news, and new product launches.

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  • Marketing Campaigns

    Marketing campaigns allow for the automated sending of tailored messages to specific customers, at the appropriate conditions and timing. Create campaigns to promote initial purchases after registration or to consistently execute marketing strategies such as shopping cart reminders.

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  • Marketing Performance Analytics

    Marketing performance analytics provides the capability to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by analyzing metrics such as customer engagement and conversion rates across the entire customer journey, from initial engagement to goal completion.

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