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Decrease time spent on routine customer inquiries and prioritize meaningful conversations using Channel Talk's Support bot.


  • What is a Support Bot?

    Channel Talk Support bot is a powerful chatbot that enables rapid resolution of basic customer inquiries through a few clicks. Additionally, it allows initiating a conversation with customers upon their visit to your website, thus providing an opportunity to gather customer information.

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  • Support Bot Settings

    Streamline sales-related chats by using a support bot to handle repetitive customer inquiries. Transform common questions into response buttons with preset answers to improve chat efficiency.

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  • Support Bot Form

    Acquire potential customers via the website's support bot form, and save their information in the Contacts for streamlined data management.

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  • Outbound Support Bot

    Utilize the outbound support bot feature to send automated marketing messages. Engage with customers at key moments of purchasing intent or consultation needs to generate valuable leads.

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  • Support Bot Performance Analytics

    Analyze the effectiveness of the support bot by tracking the number of customers who successfully resolve issues through its use and the content of unresolved chats. You can also tilize the collected data by downloading it.

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