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What is a Support Bot?

Channel.io Support bot is a powerful chatbot that enables rapid resolution of basic customer inquiries through a few clicks. Additionally, it allows initiating a conversation with customers upon their visit to your website, thus providing an opportunity to gather customer information.

You need to subscribe to the Support bot add-on to use this feature.

Support bot

Support bot is a powerful chatbot function of Channel.io that allows you to quickly resolve simple customer inquiries in a few clicks. You can also approach customers first when they visit your website and get customer information.

With the Support bot, you don't need to worry about the operating hours! The support bot acts as an online clerk available 24/7 to engage with your customers.

Chatbot with Multiple Choice Questions

Reduce the required manpower resource for consultation by quickly answering simple inquiries. You can customize support bots and set up different support bots on different pages.

Examples of chatbots with multiple choice questions

Example 1) Reduce repetitive inquiries

By placing buttons focusing on simple repeated inquiries located in the “Start Context” panel, customers can quickly get the answers to their inquiries.

Example 2. Recommend a product Before recommending a product, you can set up questions to understand the customer’s preferences.

Support Bot Form

You can easily obtain customer information such as gender, preferred color, reservation information, etc. before starting a conversation without the member signup process.

Examples of using support bot forms

Outbound Support Bot

You can approach customers who visit your website through the Outbound Support Bot feature. This is one of the most highlighted features in acquiring leads(potential customer contacts) and it can contribute to your business's success.

Examples of using outbound support bots

Example 1) Get required information for sales by targeting customers who are viewing the pricing page.

  • You can ask for the budget, specific product type, and send introductions and quotations.

Example 2) Get information by asking for customer information on the website for booking.

  • You can easily set a reservation date by asking for their name, desired consultation type, and desired date.

Support Bot Statistics and Step Analysis

You can check the Support Bot performance in real-time. In step analysis, we provide statistics for each button and you can also download data in CSV format.


How is it different from AI chatbots?

  • Channel.io's support bot is a chatbot that operates based on a set scenario. You can design and create your own scenarios according to the conditions of your target customers.

  • To use AI chatbots, a sufficient database needs to be collected first and currently, AI technology is dependent on collected data. Using AI technology may not be the best option to use since you may encounter limitations. Therefore, we need a chatbot that clearly works according to the scenario, and our support bot will be the right choice!

  • The AI chatbot is also in preparation, please stay tuned!