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Invite and Manage Teammates

Channel Talk does not charge based on the number of managers in a channel, allowing for unlimited team members to join at no extra cost.

Invite teammates

[channel settings] - [teammates] - [members] - [+Invite new manager]

When inviting new members to your channel you can set their status to either owner or member. Using the [invite link] there are a few other ways to invite new members to your channel:

  • Copy and paste the link

  • Email invite link

The same link can be used by multiple people, and once your team member has finally joined you can easily freeze the link so no one else can join. Invitation links have expiration dates(30 days), once the invite time elapses, you will have to resend a new link.

Owner and Role

The owner is given all rights. A channel can have multiple owners.

Roles are given some privileges, which can be set directly by the channel owner. (Learn Roles and Permissions)

Edit access for your teammates

Managers with owner permission can modify the permissions of other managers in the channel.

[Channel settings] - [Teammates] - [Manager] - [+Edit manager role button]


A team member left, why can I still see their direct messages?

Since there's a possibility of containing important information you've discussed with your team member through direct messages, Channel Talk does not immediately purge user-related chats when the team member leaves the channel. After saving all important information in direct messages, you can delete the direct messages by going to the [••• button] in the top right corner and click the [leave chat].

Can I reset the previous chat history?

Currently, we do not support resetting previous chat history. If you do not want a specific conversation to be shown, a team member who sent the message needs to manually delete it.

I want only certain team members to join a group chat room.

Using Channel Talk’s private group chat room feature you can make sure that only those who have invite links can participate.

What is an "All" group chat room? Is it possible to kick some members out?

An "All" group chat room is the room that was automatically created when the channel was made. This is your channel’s ‘front door’ for new members. You cannot remove any members from this group chat room, so we suggest using it as a notice board for your team members!