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Effective communication with customers is key to growing your business. Discover how to connect with them using


  • What is Inbox?

    The Inbox is designed to allow both small businesses with limited customer inquiries, as well as large companies, to efficiently manage customer interactions. Discover the features of the user-friendly and powerful Inbox.

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  • Inbox User Interface

    Explore the characteristics of's chat interface, which enables you to identify who is the assignee and the status of the ongoing chat.

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  • Chat History Search

    The chat history search feature allows for quick and easy retrieval of previous conversations. Additionally, it enables the use of bulk actions, such as applying a status to multiple conversations, for the searched interactions.

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  • Follow-up Notifications

    By enabling follow-up notifications, customer interactions can be resumed via text message or email even if the customer leaves the website in the middle of the conversation.

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