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What is Inbox?

The Channel Talk Inbox is designed to allow both small businesses with limited customer inquiries, as well as large companies, to efficiently manage customer interactions. Discover the features of the user-friendly and powerful Channel Talk Inbox.

‘Assignee’ and 'Assigned team'

An assignee is a person who is responsible for the chat till the end by providing the best resolution for the customer's question. To clarify these roles and responsibilities, we are using a system with only one ‘Assignee’ allocated to a chat. If you need the help of others, you can invite ‘Followers’ to join and help you tend to the customer.

An assigned team consists of a group of people who know best about the customer’s inquiries and can resolve the issue within the chat. If you assign a team to be in charge of chat, the most suitable person can be automatically assigned through the chat auto-assignment feature. (→ What is chat auto-assignment?)

What is a ‘Chat Status’?

(To handle chats efficiently, Channel Talk uses 3 statuses to differentiate chats – ‘Opened’, ‘Snoozed’, and ‘Closed’.)

You can easily check the chat list by status by clicking the [Opened], [Snoozed], and [Closed] tabs. Here you can view information such as a customer name, the ‘Assignee’ of each chat, chat tags, and the date of the last received message – all in one glance.

  • Opened: This means that the chat has started and is currently in progress. The Channel Talk Inbox is set out to help you focus on these chats. The key is to attend to Opened chats in a timely manner until they are set to Closed.

  • Closed: The chat has ended. Closed chats can be searched for at any time after they have ended. Because these chats have already ended, you don’t need to spend too much time on them.

  • Snoozed: Chats that can’t be responded to promptly or ended right away can be set to a Snoozed status. When the set time has elapsed, the status automatically changes to ‘Opened’.


What is a user chat in a ‘Preparing’ status?

This status appears when the customer hasn’t made any further inquiries after receiving a message either from the support bot or responded to a marketing message, so the chat has not been forwarded to a customer service representative.